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Model of S26T submarine.

Thai Submarine Programme at a Crossroads

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) is considering the use of Chinese-made marine diesel engines for its Type S26T diesel-electric submarine programme, which is being...

China’s Amphibious Assault

To what extent has the Chinese Navy (PLAN) extended its capacity to conduct offensive amphibious operations? Once largely aimed at constraining an adversary’s ability to...

Shipbuilding – A Numbers Game

While experience grows among Indo-Pacific naval designers, order numbers remain crucial to keeping costs down and yards in business. The Indo-Pacific region has a significant...

Frigates fill the Maritime Gap

While the budget for large capital ships is hard to find in the Asia Pacific region, the market for cheaper ‘workhorse’ frigates and corvettes...

Pakistan Navy modernises Submarine capabilities

Pakistan has an enduring interest in boosting its submarine fleet capabilities to keep pace with the Indian Navy, a desire that has been further...
‘Kamorta’ class corvette

Thousand Island Dressing

Traditional and non-traditional threats, as well as financial constraints, are pushing Asia Pacific navies to select increasingly modular designs for their corvettes. This is...

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