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Navies Surface Interest in Unmanned Systems

Published in the November/December 2020 Issue - Unmanned systems manufacturers are finding a responsive market for their products among navies in the Indo-Pacific region. The...

ECA Group awarded around 4 M€ contract from South Korea Navy

ECA GROUP is once again awarded the supply of steering and diving consoles for South Korea Navy's 1st submarine of JANGBOGO III (Batch II),...
Australia-France joint venture signing

AMOG & ECA GROUP form French-Australian Joint Venture

Australian marine technology firm AMOG Ventures Pty Limited (AMOG) and French naval technology specialist ECA GROUP have formed a Melbourne-based Joint Venture company to...

ECA Group delivers to an Asian Navy its MIDS for deployment...

ECA Group has delivered to an Asian Navy several Mine Identification and Destruction Systems (MIDS) combining K-STER I identification ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and...
ship bridge simulation systems

Virtual Action Stations

Navies are increasingly turning to synthetic training technologies to prepare their personnel for the realities of combat. In addition to offering a less expensive...

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