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Vajra-T K-9

Additional Vajra Self Propelled Howitzers for Indian Army

The fielding of the Vajra 155mm/52 calibre tracked self-propelled howitzers to the Indian Army could be considered one of its true acquisition success stories....
Kalyani M4

Indian Army Inducts Kalyani M4 Protected Vehicle

The Kalyani Group’s Bharat Forge Ltd, on 11 October 2022, handed over sixteen M4 Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicles to the Indian Army for use...
Thales’ EF88 Austeyer

Indian Army Seeking CQB Carbine

The Indian Army reissued on 23 September 2022 a request for information (RFI) to identify candidates for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) carbines to be...
Indian Army's drone swarm in the sky.

Indian Army Demonstrates Drone Swarms

The Indian Army publicly revealed on its Twitter account that it is actively pursuing the application of mass groups of small drones to support...
Arjun MBT gun-launched missile test.

India advances indigenous tank-launched missile testing

The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has successfully test fired an indigenous laser-guided anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) from an Arjun main battle tank on...

India further tests Man-Portable Anti-Tank Missile

The government-owned Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has performed a test firing of an advanced prototype of the indigenous Man Portable Anti‐Tank...
Indian Air Force

Looking Inward

India’s Government is seeking to meet its urgent defence requirements from within the country. India’s ongoing border face-off with China along the Sino-Indian border, near...

Hanwha to Propose K21 Based Tank for Indian Army

The Republic of Korea’s Hanwha Defense appears ready to propose a candidate to address the Indian Army’s requirement for a light tank. India’s Defense...

SOF challenges as great power rivalry builds

Published in the September/October 2020 Issue - As Superpower competition expands in Asia, regional special forces are looking to re-equip to meet sub-threshold threats. Asia...
Akash-NG test firing - PIB

India test fires first Akash-NG air defence missile

India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully conducted the first launch of Akash-NG (New Generation) medium-range surface to air missile (SAM) from...

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