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Mobile Deployable Communications Conference

Mobile Deployable Communications Conference

This year the international conference is focused on the UK MOD's strategic communications programmes and the UK's tactical communications industry. The highly anticipated Mobile Deployable...

Honeywell to Provide World’s Smallest Satcom System to Australia Drones Market

Honeywell’s Small UAV SATCOM will allow Carbonix unmanned aerial vehicles to fly beyond-line-of-sight and for longer periods of time. Honeywell has signed a memorandum of...

Receiving you Loud and Clear

Space-based communications and surveillance systems have become indispensable to armed forces in the era of networked warfare, which is premised upon reliable and efficient...

Avoiding the Rocks and Hard Places

Like most military capabilities, Satellite Communications (SATCOM) can be expensive to develop, procure and operate. Fortunately, help is at hand from third-party commercial SATCOM...

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