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JGSDF Type 16 MCV Displayed at DSEI Japan.

JGSDF Type 16 MCV Displayed at DSEI Japan

Japan’s Type 16 Mobile Combat Vehicle (MCV) which is manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was on display at the recently concluded DSEI Japan exhibition....

Production Variant of JGSDF UH-2 Helicopter Showcased at DSEI Japan

A production version of Subaru Corporation’s UH-2s (Utility Helicopter in service with the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF) is being displayed at the DSEI...
This image of one of the NEWS subvariants was also shared on social media. This type is towing what appears to be a folded, tall SIGINT collection antenna. (Twitter)

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Japan’s Ground Self-Defence Force is overhauling its electronic warfare posture, both in force weight and capabilities. Reflecting ever-present tensions in East Asia, Japan’s Ministry of...

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