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MATRA: Revolutionizing Maritime Security

MATRA is designed to revolutionize the maritime landscape by enhancing security measures, promoting safety protocols, optimizing operational efficiency, and fortifying overall protection within this...

Dual-use ports give PRC proximity to vital shipping lanes

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is building and acquiring interests in ports throughout the world with an eye toward using them for commercial...

IMDEX Asia 2023 returns with renewed vigour and a robust programme

When Asia Pacific’s leading maritime and defence exhibition, IMDEX Asia returns this May for its 13th edition, top executives and decision makers in the...

High-level Delegates Receive Event Updates at DIMDEX 2022 Official Diplomat Briefing

Ambassadors, Defence and Commercial Attachés, and Military Representatives Apprised of Key DIMDEX Features. As the countdown begins for the seventh edition of  the Doha International...

MBDA Returns to DIMDEX 2022 as Gold Sponsor

The organising committee of the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) has announced the return of missile systems developer MBDA as ‘Gold...

Penetrating Maritime A2/AD

Published in the November/December 2020 Issue - Increasing the range of air-to-surface missiles has become an important factor in penetrating A2/AD defences, particularly in...

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