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“Tank!!” The psychological impact of Armour

Mobility, firepower and protection. Three qualities of the Main Battle Tank that are seeing regional armies keep to modernise their stocks. The tank is a...
"Oplot" tanks

Malyshev Plant: Batches of “Oplot” and “Bulat” Tanks Transferred

UKROBORONPROM SE “Malyshev Plant” closed 2017 with a record for the enterprise sum of products sold, exceeding 3 billion UAH. For comparison: in 2014...
Leopard-2 RI

Tanked Up

It is an often repeated adage that Main Battle Tanks (MBT) are unsuitable for operation in the jungles, mountains and paddies common in Asian-Pacific...

New Eyes for the old Warhorse

The Royal Thai Army appears to be pursuing a three track approach to modernising its Main Battle Tank (MBT) forces, with purchasing two new...

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