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Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen

ST Engineering gears up for unmanned-systems mothership for Singapore

Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen showed great interest in the display of ST Engineering’s Multi-Role Combat Vessel (MRCV) on the opening day at...
The Bluebottle an Unmanned Maritime Surface Vessel developed by Ocius Technologies.

North Australia Surveillance Employs Unmanned Systems

NORFORCE, one of three Regional Fore Surveillance Units, provides an ever-present screen of northern Australia employing land observation posts and patrols, small craft, aircraft...
QX-5 Product designs

QX series demonstrate ADASI’s impressive strides in autonomous capabilities

Today’s unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are becoming lighter, more capable, and more affordable than their first-generation predecessors. With ADASI, the UAE is rapidly...
UMEX 2022

EDGE Group to Unveil Latest UAE-Made Unmanned Systems at UMEX 2022

Group to have major presence as event’s official Strategic Partner. Over 20 cutting-edge disruptive solutions and products to be showcased. EDGE is marking its...

RAN Melds Unmanned Systems Into New Model Navy

The Royal Australian Navy’s new strategy for developing unmanned surface and sub-surface systems delivers both capability and capacity to support the navy’s new fleet. Navies...

Navies Surface Interest in Unmanned Systems

Published in the November/December 2020 Issue - Unmanned systems manufacturers are finding a responsive market for their products among navies in the Indo-Pacific region. The...

Coastal Watchkeepers

Unmanned systems are making the monitoring of coastal borders a less labour intensive. Although the Asia Pacific region has remained free from major conflicts in...

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