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The future USS Jack H. Lucas

Fleet Force Protection

The increasing range and potency of A2AD defence, particularly the anti-ship missile threat, is leading navies to reconsider how individual ships as well as...
The Milkor IPC.

Milkor Offers Manned and Unmanned Vessels for Maritime Patrol

Milkor’s Naval Defence Solution Division forms a core part of Milkor’s vision and growth strategy. Situated in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Milkor NDS...

AMR’s Podcast 4: Leading the Robotics Revolution

Milrem Robotics has made impressive strides in developing innovative robotics solutions for challenging environments. Established in 2013, Milrem developed Type-X, which was the first...
HALCON'S Hunter-2 UAV munitions can use AI to swarm to overpower ground defences.

Gulf Defence Industry moves into high gear

The defence industries in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are developing wide ranges of products, not only to meet sovereign defence needs...

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