Aero India 2017: RT LTA to showcase the Skystar 180 aerostat system


The Israeli-based aerostat company will display a model of the Skystar 180 aerostat at Aero India. The company announces it has recently completed two live demonstrations of the Skystar 180 aerostat system to the Border Security Force (BSF) of India. One demonstration took place at an operational area, and the other was conducted at the BSF headquarters at New Delhi. The Skystar 180 is a cost-effective solution for border protection, and is already deployed in many different countries worldwide.

The Skystar 180 is a small sized, mobile aerostat designed for tactical mid-range surveillance and public safety, as well as for police and military applications. The Skystar systems are currently operational in many different countries worldwide, and are optimal for both land and maritime use, offering availability of over 85% in any given area.

Based on a towable trailer, the system has a stabilized day/night electro-optical payload suspended from a helium filled aerostat, tethered to a ground system. It operates continuously at wind velocity of up to 40 knots, and can lift a payload of up to 20kg, providing surveillance coverage from an altitude of up to 1,000 ft. for up to 72 hours, after which it is brought down for a 20-minute helium refill. Only 2 people are required to fully maintain the system.


Skystar 180 is Ideal for border control and protection, and is being used continuously in Israel by the IDF on the Israeli borders. The system is being used by many different clients worldwide for the same purpose of border and base-camp protection. The Skystar 180 aerostat system is also optimal for Home Land Security uses such as securing of massive public event and strategic infrastructures. For such purposes, the Skystar 180 system was in use during the Winter Olympic Games in Canada, during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, securing the Copacabana Fan Fest, and during the Paris climate summit (COP 21) in France, protecting the world leaders who attended the summit. In 2014, the Skystar 180 system was chosen to be one of the approved technologies for purchase in the annual AEWE (Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment) conducted by the US Army.

According to Rami Shmueli, RT’s CEO: “We are pleased to present our renowned Skystar 180 aerostat system at Aero India. RT’s Skystar aerostats are ideal for border protection and control, as they provide persistent surveillance for long periods at minimal cost. No other defense system, manned or unmanned, is as cost effective as aerostats. Using an aerostat resembles building a portable tower of 1,500 ft. in only 20 minutes. The first operational hour of the aerostat bears some expenses, but from that moment and on – the system is able to stay stable for days, and provide persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance at a minimal cost”.

About RT LTA Systems Ltd.
RT LTA Systems Ltd. is a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of the Skystar™ family of aerostats for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications applications. Skystar is a self-contained, versatile, easily transportable, cost-effective tactical system comprised of a ground control station, a ground system module, a tether, a lighter-than-air platform, a stabilized payload platform, and a sensor suite.

RT LTA was chosen as one of the 5 most influential companies in the field of aerostats, according to the Market and Markets survey. The Skystar systems already accomplished more than 1 million operational hours worldwide, and are currently operational in various military and civilian missions in many different countries.

RT LTA Systems was established by former military intelligence and current CEO Rami Shmueli, Who served as the head of the aerostats department in the IDF. The company headquarters and production lines are based in Yavne, Israel, and its American subsidiary company, RT Aerostat Systems, is located in Texas.

At July 2016 RT established a subsidiary company named “Aero-T”, which specializes in the development and manufacture of large aerostats. Aero-T’s first product, the SkyGuard1, is a large aerostat in a Blimp shape, which can carry payloads of up to 90 kg, reach altitudes of up to 1,000 meters, and operate continuously for 7 days without maintenance.

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