“Ekzo Mars-2020”

The leading company of the concern “RT-Chemcomposite”, part of Rostec State Corporation, Obninsk SPE “Technologiya” and Lavochkin Research and Production Association signed a contract on manufacturing civil products for space industry  for the amount of 250 mln rubles.

The contract implies the participation of Romashin Obninsk SPE “Technologiya” in the international project “Ekzo Mars-2020″. The document was signed on 10th of April 2017, on the eve of International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics”.

“Space industry is one of the key areas for holding “RT-Chemcomposite” to develop its competencies in civil sector. In 2016 alone the overall production of CFRP structures for space vehicles by our leading company Obninsk SPE “Technologiya” exceeded 20 tons,” mentioned Kirill Shubinsky, “RT Chemcomposite” holding CEO.

Russian State Research Center Romashin Obninsk SPE “Technologiya” would manufacture air-landing module composite elements and surface platform to bring the Mars research vehicle to Mars surface in 2020. Under the agreement terms, the company would manufacture four set of structures, the first of which would be designed for technologies testing and the next two – for dynamic and heat tests. Flying specimen would be delivered to the client in 2018. Within “Ekzo Mars-2020” project “Technologiya” would also manufacture thermal control panels to ensure the equipment required thermal mode.

“In the current year the orders portfolio of our company for space industry reached 630 mln rubles. We plan to manufacture more than 300 products designed for completing the space vehicles,” said Andrey Silkin, Obninsk SPE “Technologiya” CEO.

is a Russian corporation, created in 2007 to promote development, production and export of high-tech industrial products for civil and military purposes. It is comprised of over 700 organizations, which form 9 holding companies in the military-industrial complex and 6 in civilian industries, as well as 32 organizations under direct management. Rostec portfolio includes such well-known brands as AvtoVAZ, KAMAZ, Concern Kalashnikov, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA and others. Rostec organizations supply to and operate in over 70 countries. Consolidated revenues of Rostec companies in 2015 exceeded 1.14 trillion rubles (over 19 billion USD). According to the new Rostec strategy, the main objective of the corporation is to provide a technological advantage to Russia in highly competitive global markets. The planned investment volume for the development program until 2025 is over 4.3 trillion rubles (over 70 billion USD).