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Table of Contents

  • Land Warfare – Asia’s Artillery Rennaissance: The ‘God of War’ is enjoying a makeover, with technological improvements in artillery capabilities popular throughout the Asia-Pacific, Stephen W. Miller finds out.
  • Land Warfare – Intelligent Intelligence: Beth Stevenson explorer the latest technologies helping soldiers to see what is happening on the battlefield in increasingly sharper detail.
  • Air Power – Air Superiority Complex: While fighter procurements continue to be in strong demand around the Asia-Pacific, aircraft upgrades remain as an attractive alternative, Thomas Newdick explains. 
  • Land Warfare – Instructing The Infantry: Claire Apthorp explores some of the latest systems which are being used for infantry training throughout the Asia-Pacific.
  • Sea Power – Stranger On The Shore: Thomas Withington takes the temperature of the coastal surveillance radar market in the Asia-Pacific, where such equipment remains in high demand. 
  • Regional Militaries – Malaysia Tightens Its Belt: Dzirhan Mahadzir examines the Malaysian armed forces’ modernisation plans, and the challenges these face from the country’s economic situation.
  • Strategic Analysis – The Sad Song of MH370: Beth Stevenson discusses the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and the lessons learned from the search for the missing airliner. 
  • Pulse: Catch up on all the latest defence radio frequency news and analysis in Thomas Withington’s regular Pulse column.
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