China provides 3,000 rifles to Philippines

Philippines Army troops
Philippines Army troops head towards the fighting in Marawi. (Philippines Information Agency)

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has provided the Philippines Army with 3000 assault rifles as the force continues its efforts against the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) inspired insurgency in Marawi City in the Southern Philippines.

The PRC’s military assistance included sniper rifles and assault rifles worth $7.4 million, and was supplied together with six million rounds of ammunition. The death toll in the Marawi city battles that begun on 23rd May has included 317 insurgents, 82 from government forces and 39 civilians. More deaths will be expected as the Philippine government announced the armed conflict would intensify as it nears its conclusion.

In addition to supplies of materiel, the PRC has provided payments of $416,000 to assist with compensation for troops injured or killed in the battle, and up to $1.3 billion to assist with post-conflict rehabilitation.

The PRC’s assistance to the Philippines was part of a $11.8 million initial military agreement forged between the PRC and the Philippines, and more military assistance is expected to be turned provided to the Philippine government to assist counter-insurgency efforts.

by Noel Tarrazona