Medical helicopters to receive 24/7 technical support

Russian Helicopters (part of Rostec State Corporation) has launched the TeMPo single technical support and customer service as part of implementing the after-sale service strategy. TeMPo will provide round-the-clock  service for Ansat medical helicopters supplied under the Russian medical aviation development program.

At present, TeMPo allows operators to send in technical queries and requests for the development of  repair schemes and adjustment of instruction manuals. TeMPo is already being effectively used for providing technical support for Russian and foreign operators of helicopters such as Ka-32 and Ansat.

The TeMPo service is available to customers online in the specialized section of the after-sales service portal,  WATS and by email, which is to make interaction between operators and developers and manufacturers of helicopters less complex and ensuring faster processing of queries and giving replies. Besides, TeMPo  allows operators of helicopters manufactured by the holding company to monitor the current status of query processing. To get access to TeMPo services, one should register on the website of Helicopter Service Company.

Due to this large-scale project, after-sales service of Russian Helicopters reaches a new level. Today, TeMPo  is already used under the Russian medical aviation development program: all operators of Ansat medical helicopters will get access to the system together with the machine. Besides, the system provides for communication in Russian and in English, which makes it accessible for our foreign customers,” emphasized CEO of Russian Helicopters Andrey Boginsky.

By December 1, 2017, it is planned to add helicopters manufactured by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant such as Mi-8AMT, Mi-171E and Mi-171A2 to the list of helicopters serviced by TeMPo . At the same time, the system will also provide services for prospective models which are being developed. It is planned to service 80% of helicopters manufactured by the holding company using the TeMPo single technical support and customer service.

Ansat is a light twin-engine multirole helicopter with a hydro-mechanical flight control system. In May 2015, the modification of the helicopter with a medical module was certified. It  It complies with all international standards for medical aviation and allows to save a patient’s life during transporting to a hospital.

The medevac Ansat has a number of competitive advantages over rivals in its class. First of all, it requires less operational, training and maintenance expenses. In addition, it can maintain high speed, which allows to use it for long-range trips. According to the helicopter certificate, its design allows converting it into a cargo version or into a passenger rotorcraft that can lift up to seven people, in just one hour.