SEA secures latest Torpedo Launcher Systems contract for SE Asia

3 October 2017

SEA’s Torpedo Launch Systems will be fitted on new frigates for the Philippines Navy

Cohort plc company SEA has built upon its growing pedigree for supplying Torpedo Launcher Systems (TLS) to navies in South East Asia with a contract to provide Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in South Korea with systems for two new frigates being built for the Philippines Navy.

The contract will be based on systems similar to those in service with the UK Royal Navy and also being supplied to the navies of Malaysia and Thailand. The systems can be configured to fire any NATO standard light weight torpedo, enabling operators to benefit from the flexibility of choosing the best weapon independently and the option of switching during the life of the ship.

The SEA TLS comprises port and starboard triple tubes on a rotating base and utilises composite materials for extended equipment life and low signature. The modern electronics are designed for ease of combat system integration and can also be used in an independent mode.

The equipment will be manufactured at SEA’s facilities at Barnstaple in the UK, maintaining a steady flow of products currently being delivered to the SE Asian market. Delivery of the first system to HHI is scheduled for late 2018.

In addition to equipment supply, SEA will be providing a range of installation and support services to ensure successful acceptance and through life support.

SEA Managing Director Steve Hill commented: “This latest export success again demonstrates the high regard navies hold for our TLS technology. We are established as the leading contemporary supplier of such systems to SE Asia and the proven capability of our launchers offers exciting opportunities in other regions of the world.”