ISDEF Japan – offering you means to Keep People Safe

Japan is hosting the next Olympic Games in a year and a half. On the one hand – a major boost to the country and its economy, on the other – in light of the present climate, a major concern regarding potential security challenges.

The Olympic Games are always a major international event – no matter where they take place. And the Japanese government spares no effort and resources to prepare it to the highest standards possible – sportsmanship and other (entertainment for example). However, the security issue is imperative, especially in light of a predicted 40 million visitors, who all must be safe.

ISDEF Japan will bring together international companies specializing in the latest equipment and technologies for HLS, mega-event protection, cyber security, and counter-terrorism, providing a unique platform of advanced technologies and knowledge transfer to ensure public safety. To emphasize ISDEF’s 2020 Olympic Games concept, the event will be held at Todoroki Arena. The event will include an exhibition, live demonstrations, workshops, seminars, conferences as well as B2B and B2G meetings.

Not only its decision makers will be exposed to all local manufacturers, they will be able to acquaint themselves with foreign solutions which may come handy for the Olympics.

For the exhibitors, it will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strike business relationships in a unique country like Japan. Its special culture, which is deeply rooted in business needs a different recognition and approach. ISDEF is working closely with a local business agency, ADDVALUE, which will act as an inter-cultural bridge, and support exhibitors during the show and will accompany them after it, to facilitate effective closure of deals, the “local” way.

However, not only the host country is going to profit from the exhibition: the opportunity of international cooperation between the vendors themselves, working together on synergistic projects, the exposure to other potential regional clients (what with all the high profile delegations visiting the show), are all golden business boons offered by the event.

There is a major shift in HLS paradigm in the recent years, with states working to establish interdepartmental bodies to come up with a comprehensive holistic solution to all potential security threats to public safety. ISDEF is bringing this comprehensive solution, in shape of hundreds leading international security providers from different spheres of the industry, to one place, offering A to Z one stop shop, to cover all state’s needs in terms of human security and safety. This is its business raison d’etre. Hope to see you there.

ISDEF Japan will take place in Tokyo on August 29-30, 2018. For more information, please visit the event website: