Turkish Aerospace signed a protocol for cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction


Turkish Aerospace keeps supporting research and development activities in the field of defence industry.

Center of Excellence in Neuroscience and Neurotechnology (NÖROM), established in partnership with Ankara University, Gazi University and Middle East Technical University, has signed a cooperation protocol with Turkish Aerospace. Thus, Turkish Aerospace keeps providing support for research and development activities based on a new model for cooperation.

On the grounds of the signed protocol a strong structure for university-industry cooperation is planned to be developed. In this context the Center of Excellence NÖROM, being engaged to the national helicopter and aircraft projects of Turkish Aerospace,  will carry out joint studies for measurement of basic health and cognitive status of the pilot during the flight, human-machine interface and interaction, development of the needed products and ergonomics.

Lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Engineering in charge of NÖROM projects, which are consisted of pilot-vehicle interactions, will carry out joint activities.

President and CEO of Turkish Aerospace PhD Temel KOTİL, Vice-President Strategy and Technology Management Prof Dr. Fahrettin Ozturk and his team, Rector of Ankara University Prof. Dr. Erkan IBIS, Rector of Gazi University Prof. Dr. İbrahim USLAN, Rector of Middle East Technical University Prof. Dr. Mustafa Versan KOK, Project Coordinator of NÖROM Center Prof. Dr. Hayrunisa Bolay BELEN, Vice-Rectors of the related Universities and lecturers in charge of the Project have taken part at the protocol signing ceremony.

Within the framework of the vision to join academic manpower of the Universities and to conduct research and development activities, high value-added research results are planned to be achieved on behalf of NOROM Center which is established in partnership of three Universities of Ankara. Research and development activities will be carried out on behalf of appr. 80 lecturers of three Universities in the field of artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, and rare diseases.