PT PINDAD conducted a successful live-firing demo of its latest “Medium Tank”


PT PINDAD conducted on 27 of August 2018 a successful live-firing demonstration of its latest “Medium Tank” at the Infantry Education Center of the Indonesian Army at Cipatat, West Bandung Regency. The attendance was composed by numerous high rank officers from various department of Ministry of Defence and the Indonesian Army.

The Medium Tank (MT) is the result of a 4 years joint development by PT PINDAD (Indonesia) and by FNSS (Turkey). The MT is fitted with the latest generation turret from CMI Defence (Cockerill® 3105 turret equipped with high-pressure 105mm Cockerill® gun).

The MT was specifically designed based on a standard Main Battle Tank taking into consideration the specific terrain configurations encountered in ASIA territories, combining high firing-power, high accuracy and higher mobility currently the best in class survivability and mobility.

The MT has demonstrated excellent results in four different main firing scenarios. One of these scenarios involved firing at a moving 4*4 armoured vehicle while the MT was itself driving at a speed of 20km/h. This very challenging scenario resulted in a brilliant shot at 1,200m, with a TPCSDS-T round.

The live-firing demonstration has shown the excellence of the cooperation between PT PINDAD, FNSS and CMI Defence, as per testimony of Abraham MOSE – CEO of PT PINDAD representing the team: “we have experienced many interesting challenges cooperating with 2 high-tech international companies that are FNSS and CMI Defence. The result is brilliant. PT PINDAD is ready for mass production of the Medium Tank , and we will enjoy a strong transfer of technology that will enhance PT PINDAD technical capabilities. We will start as well to promote this latest generation of MT to export market in ASIA and hopefully beyond.”

The director of Potential defence of Ministry of defence – Prof. Dr. Ir. Bondan Tiara Sofyan, M. Si stated that “Indonesia will place an order of minimum 44 units for the first batch of mass production”. (Source: Koran Sindo 28 August 2018 )

FNSS Business Development Director, Melih Kayaalp stated that: “As we have promised, the effectiveness of the Medium Tank proved itself to the user with its high performance on protection, mobility and firepower. We are very pleased to jointly develop this vehicle together with our partners. Now we are confident to take part on the serial production stage by providing further technical support for the Indonesian Medium Tank program”.

Mr. Thierry Renaudin, President of CMI Defence, stated: “CMI Defence is fully committed to its strategic partnership with PT Pindad and to the development of Indonesia’s defence capability. I am personally delighted by the success of the Medium Tank and excited at its potential for Indonesia“.