SHIBLI’s Tarsier mini in the spotlight

Published in Show Daily 2018 - Day 3


At this year’s event, Pakistan’s first private thermal imager manufacturer SHIBLI demonstrated its classic flagship indigenous un-cooled products, the Skua LR Long Range-thermal binocular which weighs in at less than 1.7kg and the Tarsier thermal weapon sight which is mountable on any firearm with a NATO standard Picatinny rail.

However, the star of the show this year was the new Tarsier Mini, a lightweight and technologically enhanced version of the Tarsier, this tactical thermal weapon sight, weighing in at less than 1kg, is engineered to perfection and facilitates maximum precision for close combat and target acquisition. A must have on the battlefield; this cutting edge technology comes directly from the best of the talent and resources of Pakistan, with more technologically superior and advanced products also in progress which are to be launched soon.

With the first ever export order on the way to the Middle East, recent contracts with the Pakistani Army (SHIBLI’s primary customer) for both the Tarsier and Skua and national and other international defence forces showing interest means that production at the manufacturing facility in Islamabad, SHIBLI is well under way.

This year’s event established SHIBLI’s emergence as an innovative and leading producer and manufacturer of thermal imaging technology in Pakistan, complete with the capability to conceptualise, design, test and manufacture indigenous optronics product lines for homeland security and defence.