Remote Weapon Station Arrow 12


AST proudly introduces our new Remote Weapon Station Arrow 12. ARROW 12 is a compact and lightweight Remote Stabilized Weapon Station (RWS) compatible with 7.62mm, 12.7mm, and 14.5m caliber gun. With modular design, the system easily mounts on various naval platforms or mobile armored land vehicles.

The Remote Stabilized Weapon Station ARROW 12 was introduced at the Homeland Security Expo Vietnam 2019 and attracted much attention from both Vietnamese and foreign Statesmen, and the Army Forces. With our long standing experience and customer insight within the special firearm industry.

ARROW 12 maximizes the soldiers’ safety by providing both fully automatic and remote manual modes. The integration with electro-optic component such as day/night camera and laser rangefinder as well as ballistic computer helps the system to maintain its high stabilization performance and hit accuracy. ARROW 12 provides optimized remote firing capability day and night under any adverse environmental and combat situation. ARROW 12 is designed in compliance with military standards MIL-STD-810 for both inland and marine conditions.

Arrow 12 Weapon Station depicted with 12.7×108.
Control Station & Monitor

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