Penske Power Systems to Represent Qinous in Australia and the Pacific


Penske Power Systems has been appointed as the new partner of Qinous throughout Australia and the Pacific, as of August 16, 2019.

A provider of smart Energy Storage Solutions and Microgrid Energy Management Systems, Qinous designs plug and play solutions for on- and off-grid applications.

Founded in Germany in 2013, Qinous has gathered experience from execution through more than 50 projects integrating renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, with traditional fossil fuel power generation.

This is done through Qinous Energy Storage Solutions in off-grid applications as well as utilising the stabilising functionalities of the grid and supply systems for electrical vehicle charging projects.

“We are very excited to be bringing the Qinous brand to the Australian and Pacific market,” said Matthew Smith, general manager of off-highway, Penske Power Systems.

“Qinous comes with a wealth of experience in on- and off-grid applications that would benefit our customers greatly.”

Penske Power Systems will represent the Q Compact series (rated up to 200 kVA power output and 355 kWh storage capacity), the Q Medium series (rated at 500 kVA and 837 kWh), and the Q Large series (rated up to 1,500 kVA and 2,344 kWh).

“The Qinous product range is perfectly complemented by Rolls Royce Power Systems’ MTU portfolio, which Penske Power Systems also represents,” said Steve Turton, business manager of energy solutions, Penske Power Systems.

“And as an investor in Qinous, Rolls Royce Power Systems is actively working to provide cleaner solutions for customers seeking robust systems.”

Through an extensive branch network, Penske Power Systems will provide project development support, and sales, parts, and service functions for the Qinous product range, ensuring customers receive exceptional support across the entire Australian and Pacific region.