Thales shows Radars, Missiles and C5i

Ground Master 400 (GM400).

At Defense and Security Thailand, Thales Group will be presenting solutions in land defence, air operations, maritime security and underwater systems.

Some of the air defence solutions include the Ground Master range of radars including Ground Master 400 which is part of Thales fully digital 3D air defence radar family. Designed to protect key assets with forces deployed on remote operations, Thales states that the GM400 is the only system of its kind to combine superior detection of air threats at any altitude, especially high manoeuvring targets at low elevation, with an unprecedented level of availability and mobility.

Thales RAPID systems are of modular design that ensures that they can be tailored to customers needs and CONOPS to provide the most cost-effective ‘sensor to effect’ capability. The RAPID Ranger high-mobility VSHORAD systems include C2 interface, an optional early warning sensor, and the Thales STARStreak short range air defence missile and associated guidance and control interfaces.

The Lightweight Multi-role Missile (LMM) is a low cost, lightweight, precision strike, missile, designed to be fired from tactical platforms including fixed or rotary winged UAVs and surface platforms. The system is designed to provide a rapid reaction to a wide range of the surface threats from wheeled or tracked vehicles, towed artillery or static installations; naval threats from small ships and fast inshore attack craft and an air threat from light aircraft.

The Lightweight Multi-role Missile (LMM).

For communications requirements, Thales will have a command, control, communications, computers, combat systems and interoperability (C5i) solution on show at its stand (OP9). In December 2018, Thales signed an Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Thai Defence Technology Institute (DTI) which is focused on upgrading the Royal Thai Army APCs with a C5I operational solution, integrating both VHF and HF combat radios, a Battle Management System (BMS) for tactical command and control, and vehicle electronics integration. Thales will progressively transfer technology and knowledge to DTI, enabling Thailand to design, integrate and validate C5I systems on any local platform. The Thales C5i solution will be showcased in an APC at the Thai DTI stand.