Hear Exclusive Insights on Skynet 6 at SMi Group’s 22nd Annual Global MilSatCom


SMi Group Reports: The 22nd Annual Global MilSatCom Virtual Conference and Exhibition will feature a series of briefings dedicated to Skynet 6, presented by the UK MoD and UK STRATCOM.

In less than five weeks’ time, SMi Group’s Global MilSatCom Conference will convene virtually from 10th until 12th November to bring together 500+ senior decision makers from defence agencies, militaries, governments and industry from across the globe.

This conference is FREE to attend for all active military and government and registration can be made by visiting: http://www.globalmilsatcom.com/PR6

Skynet 5’s PFI is set to end in 2022, and so the Skynet 6 programme aims to provide a game-changing SATCOM solution to UK military personnel while remaining “international by design” to ensure allied interoperability and collaboration.

As Skynet 6 is such a pivotal and timely topic for the MilSatCom industry, Global MilSatCom will enable attendees to hear the breaking news on the Skynet 6 programme, with exclusive announcements, a dedicated panel discussion on future requirements, and updates on the very latest developments from the programme’s management team.

The conference will open on day one with a keynote address from Air Vice Marshal Harvey Smyth, Director Space, UK MoD, and will be followed by two dedicated Skynet 6 presentations, which will explore the future of the UK’s Skynet 6 programme and competition: 

  • “Roadmap for Skynet: Requirements and Development”
  • Commanding heights view of the programme – from the SKYNET 5 PFI to SKYNET 6EC
  • Considerations for the future space operating environment, space as congested and contested
  • SKYNET’s ecosystem: exploring the use of HAPS and allied partnerships
  • Key requirements for SKYNET 6 – availability, coverage, flexibility and interoperability
  • The long view – how SKYNET 6 will shape SKYNET 7

Presented by Captain David Moody, Deputy Head, Space, UK STRATCOM. 

  • “The UK’s MilSatCom Programme: A Primer”
  • Current capabilities offered by SKYNET 5: core services and commercial offerings in C, Ku and Ka bands
  • SKYNET 6 – timelines for the SDW stop gap and 6EC BLOS solution provision
  • International by design: ensuring SKYNETs architectural ecosystem supports interoperability and collaborative allied operations
  • Sovereign, shared and commercial – delivering the right balance of capability for the UK
  • Competition timelines for the SDW and 6EC

Presented by Wing Commander David Black, Skynet 6EC Project Manager, ISS, UK MoD.

Throughout the three-day event, attendees will also be able to network and hold meetings with Skynet’s programme managers and key stakeholders on SMi’s virtual conference platform. In this time of global disruption, there is no better place to be for SATCOM professionals who are interested in doing business with the UK MOD.

The full speaker line-up and three-day agenda for Global MilSatCom can be viewed online at: http://www.globalmilsatcom.com/PR6