SEATROOPER: ADSB’s multi-mission landing craft


The SEATROOPER is a next generation multi-mission landing craft. It delivers robust reliability, multiple configurations, high speed and heavy payloads.

ADSB has been involved in the development and production of landing craft for decades. Drawing on its vast experience and aided with the valuable operational knowledge and feedback from customers, the Abu-Dhabi based company can design and build to exact customer operational requirements. An ideal combination of naval and commercial experience enables the company to offer the required mix of military quality while achieving low support costs through competitive pricing.

The 16.45 metre SEATROOPER features a landing craft design with bridge aft and cargo area forward, including a bow ramp that provides an ideal platform for freight, troops and vehicle transport. By design, the SEATROOPER is a very capable craft – able to deliver cargo, one Humvee-sized vehicle and up to 25 personnel in air conditioned facilities.

This craft offers additional features including a hydraulic crane for cargo handling, 12.7mm/7.62mm gun mounts, and optional advanced ballistic protection. The lower deck area provides shelter, comfort and services for the full crew, with amenities such as a toilet and galley, as well as extra weapons storage. The vessel can be customised with various weapons, communication or surveillance systems, based on specific operational needs.

The versatility of the SEATROOPER makes it highly capable to operate in the Asia-Pacific region, undertaking multiple missions and supporting operations worldwide. These vessels meet the wide-ranging needs of naval forces with the main objective to transfer assets and equipment from the sea to the shore in the most efficient and safe way.

For speed during transport, the vessel is equipped with two waterjets powered by twin inboard diesel engines and can reach a top speed of 30 knots when carrying a 5-tonne load.

As a modern means of reaching and moving personnel and materials across dispersed areas, ADSB’s fast landing crafts with high speed and large payload capacity are the perfect solution. Our team is constantly working to provide our customers with the cutting-edge, next-generation solutions needed to be successful for decades to come.

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