HAVELSAN’s UAVs, BAHA and POYRAZ, Become Search and Rescue Teams’ Assistants in Türkiye Quake

BAHA developed by HAVELSAN

Amid the devastating earthquakes our nation has encountered, as HAVELSAN, we have been acting with the responsibility of mobilizing all of our sources strengthening search and rescue activities with our smart technologies, and standing with our people in this terrible natural disaster.

Since the first day of the earthquake, HAVELSAN became part of the search and rescue teams, sent aid to the earthquake victims, and made in-kind and cash donations to ease the difficult conditions of the people who suffered from these disasters. Besides these aids HAVELSAN’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles BAHA and POYRAZ drones, took part in reconnaissance-surveillance activities to assist search and rescue teams in the region.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles BAHA and POYRAZ carried out reconnaissance-surveillance missions, especially in villages and mountainous areas, and shared the images they received with the coordination center in the region. BAHA met the need for images with its sub-cloud flying ability when it becomes difficult to take images with other UAVs due to bad weather conditions. With the help of BAHA, search and rescue teams provided the first information about the settlements where transportation is not possible.

BAHA, due to its vertical take-off and landing capability, successfully operated in tough fields and terrain conditions in the region. Its superiority to be used in even drizzly weather with its sealed body structure, BAHA did receive and transmit high-quality images from long distances with its advanced electro-optical equipment in search and rescue activities.

HAVELSAN’s Unmanned Ground Vehicle, BARKAN, was also shipped to the territory with a load-carrying basket. In case of need, BARKAN will support the missions of transporting the wounded earthquake victims or material in the region.