Philippines Undersecretary Of National Defense Visits Hanwha Ocean

Philippines Undersecretary of National Defense, Irineo Espino, embarked on a visit to South Korea to attend the prestigious ADEX 2023 exhibition.

During his stay, on October 20, 2023, he had the privilege of exploring the remarkable facilities of the Korean Navy’s Submarine Force Command and the impressive Hanwha Ocean’s Geoje Shipyard. This visit marks a significant step forward in the ongoing high-level discussions regarding Hanwha Ocean’s new proposal, Jangbogo-III PN, which was introduced last September.

During his tour, USND Espino was given an insightful glimpse into the advanced submarine training facilities and maintenance yard at the Submarine Force Command of the Korean Navy. He further extended his visit to the Hanwha Ocean’s Geoje shipyard, where he personally inspected the state-of-the-art submarine construction and maintenance capabilities.

Hanwha Ocean stands as a cornerstone in the history of Korean submarines, closely collaborating with the Korean Navy and earning a reputation as a steadfast partner in shaping the future of Korean submarines. Currently, two Jangbogo-III Batch-II submarines are under construction at the Hanwha Ocean site. Leveraging their wealth of submarine experience, the latest export model, Jangbogo-III PN, maximizes the strengths of its predecessor, Jangbogo-III, and incorporates cutting-edge combat systems and arrangements.

Jangbogo-III PN Command & Control Center
Jangbogo-III PN Command & Control Center

Hanwha Ocean expressed its commitment, stating:

“Over the course of more than 30 years, the submarine will be a valuable strategic asset for the Philippine Navy. We propose the newest submarine version for them, aiming to enhance their national defense capabilities significantly with a wide array of options through the Package proposal. We are dedicated to engaging in comprehensive discussions with the Philippine Navy to identify the optimal package for their needs.”

Notably, despite the recent announcement by Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief Gen. Romeo Branwer Jr. that the submarine acquisition project is slated for the latter part of H3, Hanwha Ocean remains committed to delivering the best options and solutions for the Philippine Navy