Kawasaki Heavy Industries delivers continued sustainment for JGSDF heavy lift helos

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) has concluded a performance-based logistics (PBL) contract with aerospace prime Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) for the service’s CH-47J/JA Chinook heavy lift helicopters, which are originally developed by Boeing but locally manufactured by KHI.

The JGSDF announced in early March that the latest PBL contract is a follow-on from the first agreement signed in fiscal year (FY) 2018, and is aimed at boosting the dwindling stocks of four key transmission components – the forward and aft transmission, the combining transmission, as well as the engine transmission – to ensure continued operation of the helicopter fleet as well as reducingreplenishment and maintenance costs.

“The stable supply of target parts will keep aircraft operational…the [availability] rate is expected to maintain and improve,” said the JGSDF.

“The Ground Self-Defense Force will continue to work to maintain and improve the availability of CH-47J/JA,” it added.

KHI is understood to have delivered more than 110 CH-47J/CH-47JA helicopters to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and JGSDF.

Introduced by the JGSDF to replace the older V-107 transport models, the CH-47J/JA is a multirole heavy lift helicopter used to transport Type 73 light truck reconnaissance vehicles and personnel but is also extensively used for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR), international missions and supports a wide range of other operations.

Kawasaki launched the production of the CH-47J – which is derived from the US-made CH-47D – under the license from Boeing in 1984. From 1993 KHI developed the CH-47JA, an upgraded version of the CH-47J equipped with a larger fuel tank to extend flying range as well as other hardware and software enhancements. “

“Kawasaki will continue to provide thorough ongoing service support for active transport helicopters while leveraging technological capabilities fostered through the production, repairs and improvements of these helicopter models to contribute toward further development in Japan’s aerospace industry,” said the company on its website.

by Jr Ng