Iran Displays Large Range of Weapons at DSA

Shahed 149
Shahed 149

Making a rare appearance at an international defence show, the Iranian Ministry of Defence is showcasing a wide variety of weapons, ranging from long-range cruise missiles through ground-based air defence systems to UAVs.

In the last category, there are models of two Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) platforms. They are both equipped for ISR and attack missions, and a range of suitable small bombs and missiles are also on display.

The smaller Shahed 129 is a piston-powered model with an MTOW of 1,150kg, a payload of 400kg, a range of 2,000km and an endurance of over 20 hours. The larger Shahed 149 has a turboprop, an MTOW of 3,100kg, a payload of 500kg and an endurance of over 24 hours with a range of 3,000km.

The Shahed 149 is called “Gaza” in recognition of the Palestinian enclave; an official told AMR that the name was adopted some years ago, before the outbreak of the latest Israel-Hamas conflict. Two much smaller UAVs are also on display, but the Shahed 136 loitering munition (aka “killer drone”) is notably absent. This is the weapon that has been supplied in hundreds to Russia for its war on Ukraine. (It is, however, available from the stand as a 3D cardboard model giveaway).

In a brochure that is being handed out here, there are also details of the M133, a tactical UAV for surveillance that can be launched from the top of a vehicle and landed on its belly. It has an MTOW of 195kg, a payload of 90kg, and an endurance of over 11 hours.

by Chris Pocock