Malaysian Companies Start Local Drone Production


Two Malaysian SMEs are presenting their plans for local production of UAVs at DSA 2024. Pen Aviation is launching the PEN35V, a 35kg quadrotor designed primarily for. Celestial Dynamics is preparing to produce under licence, a range of Chinese drones designed by Jin Hong, a subsidiary of AVIC.

The PEN35V is on display here at DSA, and is nearly ready to fly. It is a larger version of the PEN23, already produced with imaging and COMINT payloads. The new drone will be available in full electrical as well as hybrid power versions. It has an MTOW of 35kg, a payload of 8kg, and an endurance of 3.5 hours in an all-electric version or 8 hours in a hybrid version (eg thermal engine for forward propulsion and electrical for VTOL). Pen Aviation was founded in 2016 by a French couple as a business aircraft sales and management company, before entering the UAS field.

Celestial Dynamics is offering five quadcopter drones ranging from VTOL-only in two sizes to fixed-wing in three sizes, plus an uncrewed helicopter. The applications include public security, firefighting, surveying and mapping, the company says. It is eyeing a Petronas requirement to fly parcels to oil rigs up to 108 nautical miles (200km) from the coast. Celestial is also acting as local agent for the Wing Loong range of larger, fixed-wing UAVs.

Meanwhile, on the Malaysian Ministry of Defence stand, a “Smart UAV Technology Demonstrator (TD) is displayed. It is a lightweight quad-rotor that is now flying, designed in partnership with The Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology.

by Chris Pocock