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South Korea continues to push K2 MBT for Norwegian tank requirement

South Korean and Norwegian officials have gathered in Seoul on 2 May to continue bilateral discussions on defence industrial co-operation. The ninth session of...

South Korea highlights indigenous advances at ADEX 2021

Despite a visibly reduced international visitor footprint due to prevalent travel restrictions, South Korea has forged ahead with staging the 2021 edition of the...

South Korea eyes improved ballistic missile capabilities

South Korea is in advanced stages of developing a large surface-to-surface missile (SSM) with a 3,000 kg-class warhead and a range of between 350...
General Dynamics Light Armoured Vehicle

Combat Vehicle Modernisation

The desire to retain and operate a selection of armoured combat vehicles in Asia Pacific is encouraging local industry to get ‘in on the...

Fighting Talk

The Asia-Pacific has, in recent years, seen significant activity in the acquisition and fielding of new IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) as a consequence of...

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