This is the May 2017 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Table of Contents

  • Land Warfare – Enhancing The Mission: Andrew White examines small arms and light weapons procurement in the Asia-Pacific and finds international suppliers vying with local companies to satisfy emerging demands.
  • Sea Power – Naval Directory 2017: AMR’s ever-popular Naval Directory returns with Dr. Alix Valenti at the helm, with updated naval orders-of-battle and programme information from across the region.
  • Regional Militaries – Doing More With Less: Faced with a falling birth rate, but no fall in regional tensions, Singapore is modernising its armed forces, Dr. Alix Valenti explains.
  • Sea Power – Close Protection: Gerrard Cowan explores the improvements being rolled out in the close-in weapons system domain to protect warships against emerging threats.
  • Air Power – Troubled Waters: Alan Warnes measures the demand for maritime patrol aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region with local designs beginning to compete with their Western counterparts.
  • Air Power – Feet Wet: Andrew Drwiega examines naval support helicopter procurement across the Asia-Pacific, noting the preference for new, as well as upgraded, rotorcraft.
  • Strategic Analysis – Starship Enterprise: A space race is well underway in the Asia-Pacific, with Beth Stevenson discussing the health of several space programmes in the region, and their strategic implications.
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