Indian Army Unhappy with New Rifle

OFB’s new 7.62mm assault rifle
The Indian Army has rejected the OFB’s new 7.62mm assault rifle which it states has failed tests. (OFB)

The Indian Army has rejected the indigenously-built 7.62mm assault rifle on grounds that it had failed basic ground tests. The gun is being developed by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB). The army has demanded a redesigning of the magazine if the gun is to be considered for procurement.

Presently, the force uses the Kalashnikov AK-47 7.62mm and OFB INSAS 5.56mm assault rifles. A 7.62mm weapon is generally well suited for counter-insurgency operations, where such a calibre can offer greater stopping power, compared to a 5.56mm weapon. The new OFB 7.62mm rifle is reported to be more advanced, accurate and reliable than the AK-47.

The Indian Army’s dilemma over acquiring modern assault rifles continues: In July 2016, the army rejected the OFB Excalibur 5.56mm assault rifle. However, Dr. U Mukherjee, a spokesperson at the OFB, clarified that during the later test trials the gun performed “flawlessly without any stoppages.”

by Debalina Goshal