Harpoon Cleared for Thailand

RGM-84L from a US Navy vessel
A test-firing of the RGM-84L from a US Navy vessel. This missile will soon equip the Royal Thai Navy. (US Navy)

The Royal Thai Navy’s (RTN) 2016 request to purchase Boeing RGM-84L Harpoon surface-to-surface anti-ship missiles has successfully cleared the approval process with the US Department of State.

With a 67 nautical mile (124 kilometre) range and a speed of Mach 0.7 it is combat proven and one of the most successful AShMs. The RGM-84L Block-II missile includes inertial and global positioning system guidance improvements, compared to previous models that allow the missiles to effectively engage targets in close coastal waters as well as in the open ocean. The RTN intends to use the missiles on its forthcoming ‘DW-3000’ class frigates. The Foreign Military Sales order is valued at $24.9 million, and delivery is anticipated for 2018.

by Stephen W. Miller