New T-90s for Vietnam’s Army

T-90 main battle tanks
Vietnam will enhance its army with the acquisition of new T-90 main battle tanks, which will replace its T-55 and T-62 fleets. (Wikimedia Commons)

Vietnam’s modernisation of its ground forces finally appears to be underway, following the announcement to this effect by Colonel General Vo Van Tuan, Vietnam’s Peoples Army’s (VPA) chief of staff in 2015.

In July Uralvagonzavod confirmed the VPA’s purchase of 64 T-90 Main Battle Tanks (MBT); a move which had long been speculated. Two versions are being acquired; the T-90 export version and the T-90SK command model.

The T-90 will provide a third-generation MBT with advanced night vision, fire control and a 125mm high velocity smooth bore main gun. These T-90s will likely replace one regiment of current T-55 and T-62 MBTs which are also being modernised. This acquisition could indicate moves to further improve the VPA’s capabilities. The contact, reportedly valued at $250 million, is partly funded by Russian aid credits.

by Stephen W. Miller