This is the August/September 2017 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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  • Pulse Column: Radar, Electronic Warfare and Tactical Communications: Catch up on all the latest defence radio frequency news and analysis in Thomas Withington’s regular Pulse column.
  • Air Power: Destruction on a Budget: Electronic countermeasures are no longer the exclusive preserve of armed forces, with civilian aircraft operators increasing needing such protection, Thomas Withington explains.
  • Air Power: Doing more than it says on the Tin: Alan Warnes observes that an increasing number of nations in the Asia-Pacific are acquiring the wide-range of capabilities offered by airborne early warning aircraft.
  • Land Warfare: Direct Action: Andrew White examines some of the latest technological innovation in the direct fire domain for infantry and special forces.
  • Regional Militaries: David versus Goliath: Justin Bronk takes the temperature of the Republic of China Air Force and finds a tense air power balance across the Taiwan Strait.
  • Sea Power: Small Platforms make a Big Difference: Corvettes and offshore patrol vessels remain in high demand throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Marty Kauchak explains.
  • Strategic Analysis: Dial ‘M’ for Madman: The Korean Peninsula is becoming an increasingly tense place thanks to the geopolitical machinations gripping the area, Beth Stevenson reports.
Issue of August/September 2017 (2234 downloads)