This is the October 2017 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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  • Air Power – The Invisible Umbrella: The threat from ballistic missiles, and other air targets, are being addressed in an increasingly holistic fashion, Gerrard Cowan discovers.
  • Land Warfare – Remote Control: Gerrard Cowan profiles the latest innovations, and debates, in the remote weapons system and unmanned turrets domain.
  • Land Warfare – Turning Night Into Daytime: Peter Donaldson examines innovations in the optronics world aiming to improve a soldier’s vision in all light conditions.
  • Pulse: Catch up on all the latest defence radio frequency news and analysis in Thomas Withington’s regular Pulse column.
  • Regional Militaries: Stephen Miller examines the modernisation of the Republic of Korea armed forces against the backdrop of peninsula tensions.
  • Sea Power – Strength On The Surface: Dr. Lee Willet examines the growing demand for frigates and destroyers in the Asia-Pacific region, and the factors driving such acquisitions.
  • Sea Power – The Thinking Person’s Ship: Peter Donaldson investigates the innovative approaches to designing today’s, and tomorrow’s, combat management systems.
  • Strategic Analysis – We Want What You Have: Beth Stevenson examines the Asia-Pacific MALE/HALE UAV market and the domestic development versus imported acquisition debate.
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