Elvees Neotek scans for regional radar partner

This article is published in our Show Daily 2017 - Day 3.

Elvees Neotek screenshot.

Russian company Elvees Neotek has been showing for the first time at Defense & Security 2017 its Multispectral Computer Vision (MCV) technology that provides excellent detection capability in any environment. It is based on multi-source detection, including radar, thermal and video analytics on fixed and PTZ cameras enforced with various physical sensors such as fibre-optic cable to provide perimeter protection.

Its Orwell hardware system comprises a radar unit with a range of up to 3km, a detecting unit and any type of dry security sensor. The processing core consists of video analytics algorithms and data correction algorithms. The communications layer has extensive two-way integration capabilities, API/SDK/Onvif streaming and GIS data sharing.

The multiple sources are used for simultaneous detection, confirmation, identification and tracking of people, vehicles, boats, ships, trains and animals – even insect swarms. Due to the filtration of irrelevant and false alarms, operators can concentrate on real alarms more efficiently.

The systems can work with legacy protection systems such as CCTV, and Elvees Neotek is looking for regional radar production companies to partner their systems with the Orwell ecosystem.

The systems is being used at Moscow’s largest airport, Sheremetyevo International as well as for the protection of industrial complexes, power stations, hydroelectric dams, harbours and other vital infrastructure.