Tactical Shooting Simulation System(“ Shooting-Guide”) for Land Forces announced by ZIWOO INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY, South Korea

ZIWOO I&T made contracted with the DND of Philippine April 2017 (Project name : VTESS System for ‘ 7 year defense modernization project in Philippine) and completed the establishment of the whole system (5 systems : one system of 12 lane fixed type and 4 systems of 4 lane stationary type) in May 2018, and started operation.

“Shooting Guide” is fully interactive, 3D shooting training system that provides a premium synthetic environment suitable for a wide range of military training and experimentation.

It is ever applied with the latest proven technology for the clients to go through the same most advanced experiences through the training.

To have clients access very easily and flexible to customize, it usually keeps open architecture with having cost effective training solution on high reliability. After going through the training on the system, clients will be sure to reach their final goal such as high knowledge of simulation system, direct weapon handling, marksmanship, shoot & don’t shoot training, joint exercises, and a plenty of tactical group training with a wide range of different scenarios.

The system basically supports four lane solution expanded to twenty lanes in accordance with the clients’ requirements. In particular, the system can provide most advanced AAR solution to maximize the training course and results after or even during the training directly that eventually satisfies the clients in full and effective way on their investment of manpower, budget and organization. The clients will be brought to the best and highest satisfaction to feel about a trustful and capable partner in the long run with The sincere and on-time maintenance.

The System is configured in two ways; building fixed type and installing stationary one. According to the client’s request, the whole system is built at some dedicated indoor place, or built in portable solution which can be moved here and there in the very flexible way on the client’s need and situation once the place is indoor.

The system, most of core parts and components which are almost designed and manufactured at the R&D center and factory of ZIWOO Technology Inc., features 100% tetherless (but when the clients want to have tethering solution, it is available). It figures out that real rifles are combined with own designed simulated kits (simulated bolt assembly and magazine) and air soft guns available to use if needed.


When it comes to kinds of rifles, pistols and other type of weapons, the system works on with small rifles like M4 carbine, M16, AK47, and heavy machine guns like RPG, anti-tank rocket and so on, even various pistols of kind like Glock17, 19 and so on. The point is “Shooting Guide“ generates very strong recoil effect even remaining more than 90% of real guns’ recoil level.

Additionally, we should know about own proprietary technology based laser module with EYE Class I safety certificate. It lasts about four to six months to use in case of shooting five to eight hours per day which is really longer and longer than competitors duration. Furthermore, proudly the laser module has no frequent need of calibration because of so rigid fixing structure on bayonet stud and neighboring structures to be mounted around there.

Working on CO2, HPA and power gas to be selectable is proud of our technology in terms of user-friendly and high effectiveness to charge. Strong magazine made in aluminum with gauge showing the pressure level to measure remaining gas, turns out to be the other pride. Excellent gas charger can fill fully its vacant magazine within two seconds. One time full charging can shoot more than 100 rounds in minimum.

One eye-catching thing is the assault recognition vest which gives interactive combat feeling and mood by displaying blue light by LED and vibration of haptic type on assaulted place with eight haptic sensors and blue LED sensors, in case that the trainee does not hit the enemy on the screen followed by the main PC sending the signal to the trainee for them to feel vibration and blinking the LED by level of being harmed.

In the reference, we Ziwoo Technology Inc. won the tender from Philippine DND in 2018 and done from the veterans army of Republic of Korea in 2019 followed by very positive activities India, India, KSA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia and other seven countries underway even in MP police and security entities

For more information, please feel free to get access to www.shooting-guide.com .