Worldwide Preferred Solution ASELSAN Remote Controlled Weapon Stations


ASELSAN, as one of the main global actors for land and naval weapon stations, continues protecting its clients with advanced Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS) against asymmetric threats.

ASELSAN, being present in the RCWS market for more than a decade, provides up-to-date and reliable technological solutions through direct sales as well as local production with Transfer of Technology programs.

ASELSAN Remote-Controlled Weapon Stations are in use of the armies and navies in 21 different countries worldwide. As of today, over 3500 stations have been successfully deployed to the 35 different land and naval platforms globally. Being field proven, these weapon stations are in service of armies, security forces, coast guards and navies integrated on wide variety of the platforms ranging from armored personnel carriers to main battle tanks, from fast patrol boats to corvettes and frigates.

Automatic cannons, automatic grenade launchers, machine guns ranging from 7,62mm to 40mm calibers as well as anti-tank missiles are being used in SARP, SARP-DUAL, NEFER and SERDAR for the land platforms. STAMP, STOP and SMASH are being used for the naval platforms.

The standard set of features for the RCWS family covers stabilization, automatic target tracking, ballistic computation, night and day precise surveillance capabilities, maintain the effective utilization of the weapon’s firepower and provides first round hit to the target. These weapon stations are able to operate under all types of weather and sea conditions and provide maximum safety for the operators by enabling them running the full operation under armor.