Aimpoint Acro P-2™: Red Dot Pistol Optics Revolutionized

The Aimpoint® Acro P-2 is the next generation of the ACRO™ series of sights – Aimpoint’s family of optics dedicated to stand up to the extreme abuse of a semi-automatic pistol slide.

Featuring the best in class closed emitter system, the ultra-compact Acro P-2™ incorporates the CR2032 battery allowing the sights to achieve 5 years of constant-on use. Aimpoint revolutionized red dot pistol optics as the creator of the first closed optical channel sight – establishing a new category of pistol optics.

Link to Acro film: Aimpoint Acro 2nd Generation! – YouTube

  • The Acro P-2 is designed to fit the standard CR2032 battery found easily around the The power cell of this battery can produce over 5 years (50,000 hours) of constant-on use from a single battery. This sight does not rely on automatic shutoffs, “ambient light adjustments,” or radioactive materials to provide extended performance.
  • The fully enclosed design of the Acro P-2 seals the electronic components safely within the body of the sight and is submersible to 35 m (115 feet). The battery is accessible through a sealed access port on the left side of the high strength aluminum The ability to change batteries without removing the sight from the pistol is critical for professional use.
  • The fully enclosed optical channel makes it impossible for rain, mud, dust, sand, snow, or any other environmental contaminants to interfere in the path between the LED emitter and the reflective lens. Blocking this optical signal can render open format electronic sights completely useless. In that event, the absence of the dot causes the user to shift problem solving focus away from the threat, no matter how simple the fix.
  • The Acro P-2 sight housing provides a three-dimensional orientation that offers reference for the shooter to quickly align the sight on target, developing a near effortless aiming This allows the operator to acquire the dot and place an accurate shot on target significantly faster and with less cognitive effort than possible with open format electronic sights or irons
  • The Acro P-2 provides hardened front and rear glass lenses to protect the vital reflective front lens and LED The dot, and therefore the aiming solution, remains available to the user. It is important to note that the sight remains completely operational even if this protective lens were to be completely shattered.

  • The Acro P-2 offers high-definition optical performance that you can see. There is no “blue” coloration in the sight image, and no magnified optical distortion caused by inferior lenses and The operationally parallax-free performance of the Acro lens system means that no centering of the dot in the lens picture is required, simply place the dot on the appropriate target area and fire.
  • The Acro P-2 was tested to withstand extreme shock, vibration, temperature changes, and material stress far in excess of typical duty Part of this testing was firing over 20,000 rounds while mounted on a .40 S&W caliber pistol slide generating 7,400 Gs of force. The .40 S&W is nearly double the G-Force level of the standard .9 mm caliber (3,00 to 4,000 Gs). The Acro P-2 is designed to survive and remain ready past the most brutal punishment a duty, semi-automatic pistol can inflict.
  • One of the most significant advantages of the ACRO series of sights is its thoughtful interface with the person deploying it. Many of the design and build features work exceptionally well with the “human interface.” These are advantages that redefine the state of the art and innovate toward the simple solution rather than the complex compromise required by sights built with less emphasis on the Aimpoint has employed some of the most technologically advanced engineering to design and build a sight that makes few, if any demands of the user. The Acro P-2 is simple, reliable, durable, Always ready, Always on… and simply the best available.
  • In addition to use as a primary optic on handguns, the Acro P-2 can be mounted on carbines, shotguns, and rifles or utilized as a backup sight on magnified scopes and thermal imagers. The Acro P-2 sight can be mounted on a wide range of optics-ready handguns using adapter plates sold separately .

The technical specifications of the Acro P-2:

  • 5 MOA Red Dot
  • Night Vision compatible (on settings 1-4)
  • Brightness Settings, 4 NVG and 6 Daylight
  • Battery type: 3V Lithium battery, CR2032
  • Battery life: Over 5 years (50,000 hours) of continuous use at position 6/10
  • Power on setting: 7/10
  • 7075-T6 High-strength Aluminum Hard-anodized
  • 1.9” x 1.3” x 1.2” (L x W x H)
  • Submersible up to 35 m / 115 feet
  • Temperature range -50° to +160° F
  • 60 g / 2.1 ounces (without mounting solution)
  • Package includes: CR2032 battery, Aimpoint T10 Tool

Accessories available: flip-up lens covers, ARD integrated flip-up lens covers, adapter plat.

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