Safeguarding Your Exit-strategy: How to Navigate the Investment Migration Landscape

An alternative residency or citizenship provides a safety net for an exit strategy, wealth preservation, as well as financial privacy against economic slowdowns and political uncertainties. Not only is it the ultimate luxury status, it is security in freedom of movement and quality of life.

Take for example, rescue operations, diplomatic missions, or emergency relief. Countries react to varying degrees when it comes to protecting their citizens or residents at home or abroad. There exist no clear-cut rules to gage this as most decisions by nations are taken on a case-by-case basis, contingent on a range both qualitative and quantitative such as, international relations, political economic and social considerations.

In ongoing events, indicators such as the Pandemic have exposed nations in either favourable and unfavourable light, prompting citizens to assess the literal costs and benefits of internationalism.

Approach With Caution

The utility of a particular citizenships or residency are measured by individualized circumstances.

Why should you invest in an alternative residency or citizenship? What benefits do you get? What is the investment threshold? How do I know which immigration program is right for me?

Investment immigration is an intricate process that involves careful thought and thorough preparation, followed by pre-screening and due-diligence efforts by independent third-party professionals. Prospective applicants who act on flawed advice or mishandle the application process risk facing significant consequences that could potentially upend their life plans.

An initial effort to simply engage in your own basic research can soon spiral into confusion and information overload–a mental toil even for some. At Harvey Law Group (HLG) we leverage local insights and global expertise as well as an understanding of cultural nuances, HLG offer more than 30 Residency/Citizenship by Investment programmes that are tailored to the diverse needs of UHNW and HNW individuals and families in APAC, Greater China, and beyond. Our clients are covered by professional liability insurance and serviced by accredited legal experts in a one-stop immigration solution environment that is fully transparent with a fixed-fee structure.

Weighing the Benefits

  • Access to better healthcare: Residents and Citizens have access to a superior healthcare system across high-income regions, such as North America, the UK, the EU region, or Australia. However, it is critical to choose a destination that accommodates its residents within its healthcare system instead of providing basic cover only.
  • Better career prospects: A growing number of career aspirants and investors are coming to the US, Canada, or the UK for better career/business opportunities.
  • Access to higher educational standards: Children can benefit from high-quality education standards in destination countries. It is critical to understand that over 3 million students seek a visa to different countries for higher education.
  • Relief from additional factors (climate-driven, socio-economic reasons): High net worth individuals are increasingly concerned about climate and political stability.
  • Freedom in Mobility: Most of the countries that offer citizenship-by-investment programs have strong passport rankings. Investors who receive a citizenship, receives a second passport that allows travel visa-free to over 100+ countries. They are given the choice to be wherever they want to be when they want to be.
  • Tax Benefits: Stable business environment and tax policies, are favourable and attractive factors.

HLG’s objectives are to guide clients with the correct and complete information, investment amounts and all associated fees, as well as the benefits that properly suits their needs.

About Harvey Law Group:

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