This is the December 2021/January 2022 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Integrating Unmanned Maritime Capabilities: Dr. Lee Willett explains how unmanned maritime assets are being integrated to address hybrid threats.
  • China Keeps Pressure on Taiwan’s Air Defence: The persistent incursions into Taiwan’s air defence zone is now a serious cause for concern, reports David Oliver.
  • Longer Range, Greater Accuracy: Christopher Foss examines how artillery range is being extended through improvements and additions to artillery rounds.
  • Japan Networks News: Dr. Thomas Withington reveals how Japan’s military is bolstering its electronic warfare capability as tension over China and North Korea continues to build.
  • China’s Hypersonic Testing Surge: JR Ng explains how amphibious warfare development is intended to break A2AD areas of control.

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