DSA 2022: NEXTER to display CAESAR 6×6, placing combat superiority, technology and industry cooperation at the forefront


Nexter is exhibiting at Defense Services Asia (DSA) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to provide the Malaysian Army and our other Asian partners with solutions to their artillery, vehicle and ammunition needs. Besides CAESAR, armoured vehicles, ammunition, medium caliber and robotics will be displayed:

The CAESAR 6X6 is a 155mm artillery gun mounted on a conventional truck chassis. Particularly light for its range, the CAESAR 6×6 adapts to all terrains and infrastructures, and is air transportable in a C130 tactical transport aircraft. Its tactical mobility is also ensured by its rapid battery commissioning and simplified resupply. This gun, which has already been acquired by eight countries worldwide, has been successfully used in combat by the French army, notably in Iraq. The CAESAR 6X6 has demonstrated its ability to fire at long range with very high rates of fire, and has been upgraded on a regular basis, such as the MkII version recently ordered by France.

The 105LG1 is a 105mm towed artillery gun renowned for its reliability and unrivalled lightness (1,650kg). Its ability to be transported by any type of vehicle, aircraft, helicopter, and even to be airdropped, provides the ideal mobility for troops operating in extreme climates and difficult terrain. The 105LG1 is the cost-effective answer to the Malaysian Army’s need for modern equipment, with which Nexter is developing a strong cooperation in the artillery field.

Nexter also offers its 20 and 25mm guns to equip 6×6 or 4×4 vehicles. Particularly easy to use and maintain, the M621 20mm gun is more effective than machine guns and takes up less space than larger calibres. It can be operated directly by the operator on the P20 mount or from an ARX 20 remotely operated turret. In addition, Nexter is presenting the ARX 25, a compact and lightweight turret whose 25mm gun has been tested in combat on the VBCI. It allows precise firing in complete safety under armour, day and night, with a very significant power for this calibre.

The TITUS is a 6×6 armoured vehicle of the latest generation which combines great versatility, a significant transport capacity and unprecedented mobility even in urban areas. Designed for troop transport and capable of being equipped with various payloads, it can be adapted to all missions thanks to its kits: combat, internal security, etc. Adapted to today’s needs, it offers its crew optimal protection against ballistic projectiles, mines and IEDs. The TITUS can operate robots thanks to its latest-generation vetronics, and has an ARX 25 remotely operated turret.

Finally, Nexter is exhibiting its smart munitions, such as the BONUS anti-armour shell, which uses two independent warheads to hit its targets through the roof. Developed thanks to major investments in research and development, these products offer unprecedented operational capabilities to their users by relying on very high precision guidance.