This is the March/April 2022 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Multi-Role Ready: Stephen W. Miller reviews a range of national multi-role combat vehicle operators and requirements.
  • Shipyards Ring Full Speed Ahead: From submarines to aircraft carriers, naval dockyards have orders aplenty. Mike Rajkumar reports.
  • Transitioning Pilot Training: Jon Lake considers how air forces are balancing their pilot training requirements as ever more advanced jets fighters join front line squadrons.
  • Where Do You Think You Are?: The jamming and spoofing of Global Navigation Satellite System is a growing problem that nations need to understand and work around, as Dr. Thomas Withington explains.
  • Analysts Column: Tim Fish takes a look at China’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, particularly in the context of its ambitions for regaining Taiwan.

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