Australia’s All-Electric Bushmaster Armoured Vehicle

EPMV Bushmaster
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, the Hon Richard Marles MP, and Chief of Army, Lt Gen Simon Stuart, AO, DSC, tour the new Electric PMV, 12 August 2022 [ADoD photo: Sgt Tristan Kennedy]

The Australian military’s active pursuit of electric power to tactical vehicles was demonstrated by its debut of the Bushmaster electric Protected Military Vehicle (ePMV) at the recent Chief of Army Symposium (CAS2022).

The ePMV unveiled is all-electric powered by a battery that provides 100 km range. According to Defense sources, the current model is to be used in trials intended to explore the capabilities and suitability of all-electric tactical vehicles in military applications. Development is underway for a follow-on model with 300 km range while eventually a hybrid electric drive with 140kW power and 480 Nm continuous torque and supplemental range-extending diesel engine is under consideration.

Benefits of the ePMV include its extremely quiet operation and responsive handling. It also moves toward addressing the increasing demands by military systems for more electrical capacity required for both on-board and exportable power. Evidence of the driving need for more power was seen in the display at CAS of another Bushmaster equipped with ruggedized solar panels.

EPMV Bushmaster
EPMV Bushmaster

Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Matt Thistlethwaite MP, said of the ePMV project, “We have seen great success with Australian designed and built vehicles keeping personnel safe under fire and the new ePMV represents the next innovative stage in that tradition. This ePMV brings the benefits of electric vehicles to the battlefield, particularly being quieter than its combustion counterparts.”

The investigation of new technologies like electric drive are viewed as a critical part of Australia Defense’s “Future Ready”.

by Stephen W. Miller