HAVELSAN to Launch Çaka S-KUSV at IDEF’23

The ÇAKA S-KUSV (Submersible Kamikaze Unmanned Surface Vehicle)

HAVELSAN, a global leader in naval defense technology, is set to unveil its latest innovation, the ÇAKA S-KUSV (Submersible Kamikaze Unmanned Surface Vehicle), at IDEF’23. The ÇAKA S-KUSV is a new breed of naval technology, designed to redefine the rules of engagement in naval warfare.

The ÇAKA S-KUSV, a product of HAVELSAN’s engineering excellence, is a multi-dimensional platform capable of operating both on the surface and underwater. Its unique design allows for stealthy, powerful strikes against surface targets, enhancing naval capabilities in Anti-Access & Area Denial (A2AD) missions.

The ÇAKA S-KUSV is equipped with high-explosive payloads, ensuring a powerful impact on its targets. Its ability to operate underwater adds an element of surprise, allowing it to catch adversaries off-guard and deliver superior strikes.

The vehicle also features a mobile/shore control center, providing a centralized command and control hub for multiple units. This feature enhances operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Compared to existing naval warfare technologies, the ÇAKA S-KUSV offers unique advantages. Its combination of speed, stealth, endurance, and firepower makes it a formidable asset in modern and future naval operations.

“We are excited to present the ÇAKA S-KUSV at IDEF’23,” said [Company Representative’s Name, Title]. “This platform is game changer in naval technology, and we look forward to showing its impact on the field.”

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