Tactical Missiles Corporation Develops Anti-Drone Torpedo

UMT torpedo

Tactical Missiles Corporation (TMC) has presented at the International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2023) in the city of Kronstadt the latest naval weapons, including – for the first time – a new universal small-sized UMT torpedo.

The UMT torpedo can be launched from helicopters, aircraft and drones. It deserves special attention because it is said to be capable of destroying not only surface ships and submarines, but also underwater drones.

“The experience of combat operations in modern conditions shows that the role of drones in armed conflicts is increasing tremendously. The main purpose of the UMT is to combat unmanned submersibles. Despite its small size and weight, this torpedo has great power, optimum range and speed. It is equipped with modern multiprocessor analog-digital equipment for target detection and issuance of commands to engage the target,” the corporation said”, – the corporation told the TASS news agency.

UMT provides homing to the target and non-contact detonation of the warhead in autonomous mode. The caliber is 220 mm, weight – depending on the configuration – from 100 to 140 kg, length – 2 m. Range – up to 7 km, speed – up to 27 knots, explosive mass – up to 35 kg. As emphasized by the corporation, it can be used in all areas of the oceans.

The developer has already announced its readiness to supply the UMT torpedo for export.

In addition, for the first time at the IMDS, KTRV demonstrated the ET-1E universal electric torpedo, designed to destroy underwater and surface targets, stationary marine and coastal targets in all areas of the World Ocean, in a difficult jamming environment, including in shallow water and under ice. ET-1E is designed for use on submarines equipped with 53 cm torpedo tubes.

Another exhibit of the IMDS was the Paket-E/NK small-sized anti-submarine system, which combines the functions of anti-submarine defense and anti-torpedo protection. This allows in one combat cycle to destroy the submarine attacking the ship and the torpedoes launched by it. The small dimensions of the system make it possible to adapt it to ships of various displacements.

Tactical Missiles Corporation (TMC) includes design bureaus, experimental and serial plants involved in the development, production and modernization of high-precision air-to-surface and air-to-air weapons systems and unified systems for naval weapons, rocket and space technology and electronic warfare. The TMC also includes the NPO Mashinostroyenia, which, from the Russian side, participates in the Russian-Indian BrahMos Aerospace joint venture project.

“The most vivid example of effective international cooperation in the field of high technology is BrahMos Russian-Indian Joint Venture established in 1998 under an intergovernmental agreement for the development and production of anti-ship cruise missile systems. From the Russian side, its participant is the Military Industrial Corporation NPO Mashinostroyeniya. According to Boris Obnosov, Director General of the Corporation, relations between the partners of this project have always been built on mutual respect and trust”, – wrote in its latest issue the leading Russia’s specialized military publication the Russian Aviation & Military Guide (RAMG) in the article on the Tactical Missiles Corporation.