DSM Dyneema eyes Ballistic Protection Market

This article is published in our Show Daily 2017 - Day 2.


DSM Dyneema is discussing its Force Multiplier Technology (FMT) based on its ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) polymer. The fibre is then used to produce non-woven unidirectional (UD) sheets which the company asserts is 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis, 40 percent stronger than aramid, and floats on water.

Tests conducted by the company have shown that its monolithic insert made with HB212 (HB) UD is capable of stopping multiple 7.62×39 mm mild steel core rounds fired from an AK-47 assault rifle. Vest concepts with FMT-based soft ballistic (SB) UD have been tested against other types of ammunition, including the .44 Magnum steel-jacketed hollow point (SJHP) and Tokarev 7.62×25 mm lead core rounds.

In August 2014 South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration selected DSM Dyneema to supply lightweight ballistic protection equipment for Republic of Korea Army’s multi-purpose body armour programme. The multi-purpose body armour programme is part of the army’s ongoing efforts to modernise its equipment, and is aimed at equipping its troops with new lightweight armour that offers greater protection than its existing protective equipment.

“Materials innovation is the first and crucial step in enabling the industry to develop next generation armour that addresses the evolving industry trends and increasing needs in a changing world,” said Nicole Ng, Regional Business Manager, Life Protection, Asia Pacific, DSM Dyneema.

“DSM Dyneema continues to be at the forefront of ballistic protection materials innovation with our ever-expanding portfolio of innovative Dyneema® next generation armor technologies and solutions,” Ng added. “We remain highly committed to bringing new technological dimensions aimed at enabling defense and law enforcement personnel to be better protected while enhancing operational capabilities for any situation on the front line.”