M777: Tactical Mobility and Operational Flexibility in Challenging Terrains

M777 155mm howitzers
The US Army, Marine Corps and the Canadian Army’s M777 155mm howitzers, shown firing in Afghanistan. They have increased their range to 40km and achieved an accuracy of five metres at that distance using PGMs. (US DoD)

The M777 is the leading ultra-lightweight towed artillery gun, with more then 1,250+ currently in operation with the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Canadian and Australian forces, as well as expanding its global footprint into the Indian Army and Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The M777 155mm ultra-lightweight howitzer was developed to succeed the M198 howitzer with a more advanced mobile artillery system that is better suited to the requirements of modern day, rapid reaction forces in expeditionary and border protection roles.

Highly portable by land, sea and air, the system features a minimal logistical footprint alongside maximum reliability. This means that it can be frequently moved and re-deployed, maximising survivability, without encountering the IED risks faced by self-propelled systems. The M777 can strike over extended distances, regardless of terrain and obstacles.

Weighing less than 4,400kg, the entire M777 system can be towed by small vehicles, air-transported in a C17 or C130, and carried by helicopters – in addition to being delivered from ship to shore in amphibious landing craft. These transport options provide significant tactical mobility and operational flexibility, particularly in desert, jungle, and mountainous terrain, as well as to facilitate coastal and island defence manoeuvres.

Battle-proven, the accurate and reliable M777 can be trusted to deliver superior firepower when needed most – in combat. It is compatible with all standard ammo types, including precision guided munitions at deeper ranges than conventional ammunition, reaching close to 40km. The unparalleled ultra-lightweight 155mm artillery system available today continues to evolve by adapting new technologies and capabilities to remain at the forefront of artillery technology into the future. The M777 is integrated with digital fire control and inertial navigation, and can be brought into action in less than three minutes, delivering accurate fires and rapidly redeploying before an adversary can respond.