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Shaldag MkV

Rafael wins Asian naval maintenance deal

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced on 9 August that it has secured a new contract with an undisclosed Asian country to provide comprehensive...

Philippine Navy completes first operational test of Spike ER missile

The Philippine Navy’s Naval Forces Western Mindanao command has successfully tested its Rafael Spike ER anti-armour guided missile during at-sea exercises near Salkulakit Island...

Royal Thai Army acquires Spike MR anti-tank missiles

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced on 28 December that it has recently delivered an undisclosed number of Spike MR (Medium Range) guided anti-tank...

Rafael’s “Protector USV” conducts successful missile firing exercise for NATO

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. carried out a successful exercise for NATO forces, to demonstrate the capabilities of the "Protector USV" against naval swarm...

Rafael opens company in Australia

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will open a company in Australia as part of an expansion of its operations in the country and of Rafael's...

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